Artena 2020 26th World Olympic Collectors' Fair

    The Organizing Committee of the 26th World Olympic Collectors Fair thanks the Olympic Foundation for Heritage and Culture of the IOC, the International Association of Olympic Collectors (AICO), the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), the Italian Rugby Federation (FIR) and the Municipality of Artena and our Sponsors. Without their help and support, the realization of this Fair would not have been possible
    Organizing Committee:
    Corrado Mattoccia (President of the Rugby Museum) - Pasquale Polo (UICOS General Secretary) - Pierangelo Brivio (UICOS President) - Felicetto Angelini (Mayor of Artena) - Lara Caschera (Councilor for the Municipality of Artena) - Mario Capuano
    Rugby Museum
  • IOC
    Federazione Italia Rugby

Today, like 50 years ago, time is moving fast. Our memories, even the most beautiful ones, fade quickly: this is a characteristic of this beginning of the millennium and is the direct consequence of an anxiety of renewal and overcoming the past that leads us to always look ahead, to chase new conquests, avoiding those stops, even if short, that allow us to catch our breath and to re-examine with serene objectivity what has been done.

From the moment the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome closed, for example, a “Goodbye to Tokyo" rose up high andinvitingly, as if what had happened in those Games was no longer of interest; as if one was in a hurry to close one of the most exciting chapters of history, among those that had been written.

And precisely to remember the incomparable moments of that sultry summer of 1960, to pay homage to that wonderful Olympics, organized among the millenary monuments of Rome, to give due recognition to those Games “that changed the world", that the UICOS, in collaboration with the Rugby Museum “Mud and Sweat", asked the IOC and obtained, that the Olympic Fair of 2020 take place here, in the places where, 60 years before, between August 25th and September11th champions such as Nino Benvenuti, Cassius Clay, Livio Berruti, Rafer Johnson, Wilma Rudolph, Larissa Latynina, Dawn Fraser, Ingrid Kramer, Abebe Bikila and many others triumphed and all together, have made the history of the modern Olympics and that we will remember, from 4th to 6th September, in the splendid setting of the medievaltown of Artena.

Olympic Winner